The Kyoto Prize / Laureates / The 2013 Kyoto Prize Laureates

Advanced Technology / Prize Field: Electronics

ImageRobert Heath Dennard

U.S.A. / September 5, 1932
Electronics Engineer
IBM Fellow, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, IBM Corporation

“Invention of Dynamic Random Access Memory and Proposal of Guidelines for FET Miniaturization”
Dr. Robert Heath Dennard invented the basic structure of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), which is now extensively utilized as one of integrated circuit (IC) memory systems. His innovation has immensely increased the capacity of digital information storage, leading to dramatic progress in information and telecommunications technology. Dr. Dennard and his colleagues also proposed guidelines, called “scaling theory”, to miniaturize field-effect transistors, which play key roles in most ICs, including DRAM, thereby promoting the amazing advance in IC technology.

Basic Sciences / Prize Field: Biological Sciences (Evolution, Behavior, Ecology, Environment)

ImageMasatoshi Nei

U.S.A. / January 2, 1931
Evolutionary Biologist
Professor, Pennsylvania State University

“Research on the Evolution of Biological Populations Using Quantitative Analyses of Genetic Variation and Evolutionary Time”
Dr. Masatoshi Nei made it possible to discuss evolutionary divergence, genetic diversity, and the mode of selection on genes in a quantitative manner by devising diverse statistical methods such as Nei’s genetic distance, and applying them to molecular data. Using these methods, Dr. Nei’s research has yielded important contributions to molecular evolutionary biology, as well as many other academic disciplines including ecology and conservation biology.

Arts and Philosophy / Prize Field: Music

ImageCecil Taylor

U.S.A. / March 25, 1929
Jazz Musician

“An Innovative Jazz Musician Who Has Fully Explored the Possibilities of Piano Improvisation”
One of the most original pianists in the history of free jazz, Mr. Cecil Taylor has developed his innovative improvisation departing from conventional idioms through distinctive musical constructions and percussive renditions, thereby opening new possibilities in jazz. His unsurpassed virtuosity and strong will inject an intense, vital force into his music, which has exerted a profound influence on a broad range of musical genres.

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