The Kyoto Prize / Laureates / The 2014 Kyoto Prize Laureates

Advanced Technology / Prize Field: Biotechnology and Medical Technology

ImageRobert Samuel Langer

U.S.A. / August 29, 1948
Biomedical Engineer
Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Creation of Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery System Technologies”
Dr. Langer founded the tissue engineering which is indispensable for the implementation of regenerative medicine, by applying biodegradable polymer technologies to construct “scaffolds” for cells, thereby succeeding in the regeneration of various organs. He has also developed drug delivery system technologies for the controlled release of proteins, nucleic acids, and other macromolecular drugs, and has actively promoted their practical applications. Dr. Langer is a pioneer to take the lead in the interdisciplinary field of medicine and engineering.

Basic Sciences / Prize Field: Mathematical Sciences (including Pure Mathematics)

ImageEdward Witten

U.S.A. / August 26, 1951
Theoretical Physicist
Professor, Institute for Advanced Study

“Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Mathematical Sciences through the Exploration of Superstring Theory”
Dr. Witten has made significant contributions to theoretical physics for more than 30 years as a leader in the dramatic evolution of superstring theory. Moreover, by applying his physical intuition and mathematical skills, he has advanced mathematics, and prompted the cutting−edge research of many mathematicians. His achievements are both unique and outstanding.

Arts and Philosophy / Prize Field: Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Architecture, Design)

ImageFukumi Shimura

Japan / September 30, 1924
Dyeing and Weaving Artist

“An Artist in Constant Pursuit of the Fundamental Human Value of Harmonious Coexistence with Nature through the Artistic Creation of Tsumugi Kimono on the Basis of Folk Wisdom”
Ms. Shimura has developed her original style of art, commanding an extraordinarily colorful range of plant−dyed yarns as her visual vocabulary and unleashing her imagination to improvise an infinite resonance of colors over canvases of tsumugi kimono. Through a constant communication with nature and deep meditation, she has cultivated a “tender and flexible thought that advances to weave human existence into nature.”

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