The 2005 Laureates / Advanced Technology Category / Electronics


George H. Heilmeier

U.S.A. / May 22, 1936−2014
Electronics Engineer; Chairman Emeritus, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

"Pioneering contribution to the realization of flat-panel displays using liquid crystals"
In the 1960s, when a "wall-hung TV" was still a dream for the distant future, Dr. Heilmeier felt the challenge to produce flat-panel displays by utilizing the unique properties of liquid crystals. He made pioneering contributions to today's dramatic technological progress by fabricating and demonstrating the first prototypes of liquid crystal flat-panel displays.

Commemorative lecture

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Abstract of Commemorative lecture
A Moveable Feast

The author and Nobel Laureate, Ernest Hemingway, once wrote that to be in Paris in the 1920s was like a "moveable feast." In a different time and a different place, I experienced the same excitement and, indeed, a "moveable feast." I will share with you:

The experience of growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a family that valued something that it did not have - a formal education; the events that shaped my outlook on life and the guidance I received and choices I made along the way. A professional life that featured the creation of the liquid crystal display, and a new career each decade and finally, the last chapter (?) and my personal catechism of creativity.

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