The Inamori Grants: “Polish the Specialty and Mind”

The 2019 Inamori Grants recipients, 50 members were announced by the Inamori Foundation. The presentation ceremony was held at the Grand Prince Hotel, Kyoto on April 20, 2019. There were 550 applications from universities and institutes in Japan. 40 from the natural sciences and 10 from the humanities and social sciences were selected by rigorous examination at the grant selection committee representing the respective fields. President Inamori mentioned “Please polish the specialty and enrich your spirituality, so that you would be grown up to the excellent researchers.” Each recipient received a certificate from V.P. Shinobu Inamori-Kanazawa.

On behalf of the Grant recipients, Dr. Daisuke Akaishi, Program-specific Assistant Professor of Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research (C-PiER), Kyoto University disclosed his will saying “I would like to contribute to building a bright future for the human being by enhancing the research with my feelings of gratitude.”

In the following Seiwa Scholars Society General Assembly, Executive V.P., Shinji Fukukawa, Former Vice-Minister, Ministry of International Trade and Industry delivered a lecture entitled “What is required in this era? Let’s establish new regime in the world by regeneration of Japan.”

In the closing reception, the Inamori Grants recipients were congregated beyond the fields with the guests including Grants Selection Committee. The reception was closed in warm and blissful atmosphere.

Here are some voices of the Inamori Grants Recipients.

Masayuki Morita (photo:left top)
Senior Assistant Professor, Ehime University Protea-Science Center

I’ve got surprised but very excited when I was informed as selected for the beneficiary of the Inamori Grants. I am now conducting the research of vaccination. I would like to step up my research and eventually contribute to the treatment and prevention of malaria in the future course.

Natsuko Nojima (photo:right top)
Assistant Professor, Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences

The attendance at the Inamori Grants presentation ceremony boosted my spirit as I have to prove myself. In UK, the fact of increased benefit scroungers has become a serious problem and many people have criticized for an increased number of sluggards who use up the state budget of social security. I will find out the possible causes of the benefit scroungers and scrutinize how those have been prevailed by researching the UK media reports. In the future, I would like to make direct interviews to the related people in UK.

Miyako Shiraishi(photo:left under)
Assistant Professor, Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Sciences

I was highly encouraged by many people’s congratulation messages. I would like to do my very best to proceed the research. I am conducting the research how the Archaea’s genetic information keeps its constancy. Especially I am paying attention onto Nuclease. The life phenomenon is still so unknown that I would like to discover, look, and know these mechanisms.

Mitsuru Tsuge(photo:right under)
Senior Assistant Professor, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

I am conducting the research to find out the method of treatment for Influenza Encephalopathy. In case I can find out the concrete therapeutic medication for the human being, I believe I can contribute to the wellbeing of the society. I was afraid of how I could get the source of fund raising. Thanks to the Inamori Grants, I am relieved so as to concentrate into my research.

The Inamori Foundation has presented the Inamori Grants since 1985 to a total of 1,631 researchers; total amount 1.62 billion yen including this year’s recipients. The Inamori Foundation continues to support the young researchers contributing to the creation of the enriched society in the future.

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