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2006 Grant Recipients

(As of April, 2006)
  • The Natural Sciences / 40 persons
  • The Humanities and Social Sciences / 10 persons
  • Nagoya City University
  • Graduate School of Natural Science, Associate Professor
    Ishikawa, Hiroshi
  • A study on general data representation of structural
    information -Toward a Structural Information Language-
  • Kyoto University
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor
    Ito, Takeo
  • Molecular Design of Chemiluminescent Materials for Hypoxic Tumor-Cell Imaging
  • Gunma University
  • Faculty of Engineering, Associate Professor
    Inoue, Yusuke
  • Analysis of the control mechanism for glucagon receptor by HNF4α
  • Toyama Prefectural University
  • Department of Intelligent Systems Design Engineering, Associate Professor
    Ooya, Tooru
  • Regulation of Hierarchy Structures of Programmed. Self-assembly Having Biodegradable Functions
  • Hokkaido University
  • Faculty of Advanced Life Science, Professor
    Obuse, Chikashi
  • Proteome analysis on dynamics of the functional complexes during cell cycle
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor
    Kagi, Hiroyuki
  • In situ observations of pressure-response of hydrogen bonds by neutron diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy
  • Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
  • Research Department, Senior Researcher
    Katsuyama, Masanori
  • Estimation of water-yield and quality with long-term hydro-biogeochemical observations in forest catchments
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • Aerospace Project Research Associate, Institute of Aerospace Technology
    Kaneko, Haruhiko
  • Research on low-complexity video coding based on low-density parity check codes
  • The University of Tokyo
  • The University of Tokyo Hospital Project Associate Professor
    Kawasaki, Hiroshi
  • Molecular basis of functional specialization between eyes and visual cortex
  • National Institute of Informatics
  • Foundation, Associate Professor
    Kawarabayashi, Ken-ichi
  • Applying Graph Minor Theory and Structural Graph Theory to Graph Coloring Problems
  • Kyoto University
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor
    Kanno, Yoshihiro
  • Bifurcation of Equations over Symmetric Cones and Mechanical Structures with Unilateral Constraints
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Lecturer
    Kinbara, Kazushi
  • Construction of Molecular Carrier System with Biological Molecular Machines
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
  • Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS), Assistant Professor
    Kubota, Masato
  • Study on self-organized in homogeneous electronic structure in oxide materials
  • Hokkaido University
  • Creative Research Initiative “Sousei”, Lecturer
    Kuroiwa, Asato
  • Sex chromosome evolution in XO mammal, the Amami spiny rat
    -The fate of Y chromosome-
  • Kyoto University
  • Faculty of Medicine, Associate Professor
    Koshiba, Takaaki
  • The development of in vitro human regulatory T cells expansion
  • University of Tsukuba
  • Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Assistant Professor
    Kobayashi, Akira
  • Transcriptional regulation of oxidative stress response gene through regulating protein turnover
  • University of Hyogo
  • Graduate School of Life Science, Assistant Professor
    Komori, Hirofumi
  • Structure analysis of CO-sensing protein
  • Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  • Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Assistant Professor
    Saito, Michiko
  • A novel method for target cell ablation using toxin receptor and application to regeneration
  • Tohoku University
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor
    Sata, Noriko
  • Study of low temperature crystallization process of oxide thin films by PLD at room temperature
  • Keio University
  • School of Medicine, Associate Professor
    Sawamoto, Kazunobu
  • Neuronal regeneration in the ischemic brain
  • Kyoto University
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor
    Shinto, Hiroyuki
  • Total Analysis System for Uptake/Metabolic Pathway into/inside Single Living Cells: Toward an Aid for Design of Drugs and DDS Particles
  • Tohoku University
  • Research Organization, Assistant Professor
    Sutou, Yuji
  • Development of Ti-Ni-base superelastic stent with excellent deliverability and mountability
  • Yamagata University
  • Faculty of Education, Art and Science, Associate Professor
    Seo, Kazuya
  • Multi-objective Optimization of Sports Fluid Dynamics Problem
    Flights of Ski-jumping and a Rugby Ball
  • Nagoya University
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor
    Takeoka, Yukikazu
  • Development of Tear Glucose Sensing
  • Kyushu University
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Associate Professor
    Tachibana, Hirofumi
  • Studies on green tea catechin signaling and its application for disease-preventive foods
  • Hokkaido University
  • Research Institute for Electronic Science, Professor
    Nagai, Takeharu
  • Development of a photo-dynamic therapy using a genetically-encoded photo sensitizer
  • Nagasaki University
  • Faculty of Engineering, Associate Professor
    Nakano, Masaki
  • Low temperature fabrication process of Co (or Fe)-Pt system film magnets and their application for micro-machine in human body by using PLA method in liquid and wet process
  • Osaka University
  • Graduate School of Engineering Science, Associate Professor
    Hashimoto, Mamoru
  • Real time CARS microscopy
  • Tohoku University
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Lecturer
    Hasegawa, Hideyuki
  • Accurate Measurement of Small Strain and Elasticity of Artery Wall Using Broad Band Ultrasonic RF Echo for Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis
  • Kyushu University
  • Faculty of Science, Research Associate
    Hayami, Shinya
  • Development of metallomesogens for the photo-induced ferroelectric compounds
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Graduate School of Science, Research Associate
    Hiraoka, Shuichi
  • Control of Rotation Rate of Molecular Ball Bearings
  • Kobe University
  • Faculty of Science, Associate Professor
    Fukaki, Hidehiro
  • Elucidation of the mechanism of auxin-mediated root system development in higher plants
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Associate Professor
    Fukui, Toshiaki
  • Identification of genes providing hyperthermophily to microorganisms
  • Niigata University
  • Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Assistant
    Hosoo, Yoshihiro
  • Identification and characterization of genes involved in expression of male sterility in Cryptomeria japonica
  • Tohoku University
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor
    Mano, Nariyasu
  • Specific Analytical Method for Phosphorylated Proteins
  • Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Schools of Materials Science, Associate Professor
    Miura, Yoshiko
  • Carbohydrate Module Microarray and Analysis to Analyze Amyloidosis
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Lecturer
    Misaka, Takumi
  • Functional characterization of mitochondrial large G protein (OPA1) mutants identified to cause an autosomal dominant optic atrophy
  • Kyushu University
  • Faculty of Science, Research Associate
    Mitarai, Namiko
  • Rheology of Dense Granular Flows and Jamming Phenomena
  • Nagoya University
  • Graduate School of Mathematics, Assistant Professor
    Moriyama, Sanefumi
  • Matrix Description of String Theory
  • Konan University
  • Faculty of Science and Technology, Lecturer
    Watanabe, Yo-hei
  • Molecular mechanism of reactivation of aggregated proteins by ClpB chaperone

  • Hitotsubashi University
  • Graduate School of Economics, Professor
    Ishimura, Naoyuki
  • Study on insurance mathematics by the method of financial engineering
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Graduate School of Economics, Professor
    Iwamoto, Yasushi
  • A study on evaluation and reform of health care system based on aggregate performance indicators
  • Bukkyo University
  • Faculty of Education, Lecturer
    Kurokawa, Yoshiko
  • Language and Transitional Objects
    -The boundary in infants and young children-
  • The University of Tokyo
  • The University Museum, Professor
    Nishino, Yoshiaki
  • Trans-regional study on avantgarde arts movements in Europe between the World War Ⅰ and Ⅱ
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • Department of Economics, Associate Professor
    Qin, Jie
  • A Comparative Study of Japan’s Bubble in 1980s and Chinese Markets in Recent Years
  • Nagoya University
  • School of Law, Associate Professor
    Hayashi, Shuya
  • Research on the legislative history of original Anti-Monopoly Act
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Faculty of Law, Associate Professor
    Harata, Hisashi
  • A historical and filological analysis of same juristic conceptions for the multistratified and pluralistic international civil society constructed by way of international private law
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Assistant Professor
    Hoshino, Takahiro
  • Developing estimating causal effects for observational studies and application to evaluation of educational programs
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Institute of Oriental Culture, Associate Professor
    Morimoto, Kazuo
  • A study on Muslim discourses on the kinsfolk of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Keio University
  • Faculty of Environmental , Professor
    Watanabe, Yasushi
  • An Ethnographical and Historical Analysis on the Politics of Culture and the Community Re-building in the U.S.A.

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