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  • 2018.03.09

The Inamori Grants 50 recipients selected for their creative researches


The Inamori Foundation announced the 2018 Inamori Grants 50 recipients for help fostering the young researchers in Japan. There were 630 applicants from Universities and Research Organizations. 40 from the natural sciences and 10 from the humanities and social sciences were chosen by the selection committee’s stringent examination. A grant is 1million yen per program. There is no scrutiny of how the recipients use the grants as far as it is used for the research purpose. A diploma of the award will be handed to each individual at the presentation ceremony in April.


The Inamori Grants begins at 1985. Including the 2018 Grants, the total recipients turns 1,581 and the total amounts become 1,570.6 million yen. The former recipients are Dr. Shinya Yamanaka winning the Kyoto Prize in 2010 for the iPS research; Dr. Satoru Ikeuchi, an astrophysicist, Emeritus Professor of the University of Nagoya; Dr. Shigefumi Mori, a mathematician, the Fields Medal winner, Director-General of the Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University; Dr. Robert Campbell, a scholar of Japanese literature, active T.V. commentator.


The 2019 Inamori Grants application will be started at the end of May. We are gratified if the Inamori Foundation could be helpful even a little for supporting the creative research to establish the flourish future society.

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