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  • 2018.04.24

The Inamori Grants: “Polish the Specialty and your Mind”

Research Grants
The 2018 Inamori Grants recipients, 50 members were announced by the Inamori Foundation. The presentation ceremony was held at the Grand Prince Hotel, Kyoto on April 14, 2018. There were 630 applications from universities and institutes in Japan and 40 from the natural sciences and 10 from the humanities and social sciences were selected by rigorous examination of the 18 members of the grant selection committee representing the respective fields. President Inamori messaged “Please polish the specialty as well as enrich your spirit, so that you would be grown up to the excellent researchers.” Each recipient was handed a grand from V.P. Shinobu Inamori-Kanazawa.

Research Grants

On behalf of the Grant recipients, Dr. Asano Ishikawa, National Institute of Genetics, Assistant Professor disclosed her will saying “I would like to develop creative minds and tackle into my research.” In the following Seiwa Scholars Society General Assembly, Professor Makoto Manabe, Director of the National Museum of Nature and Science Collection Center delivered a lecture “What can human being learn from dinosaurs?” Active Q & A was extended up to the time-limit available.

Research Grants

Research Grants

In the reception, the Inamori Grants recipients, former recipients OB, OG, the members of Grants Selection Committee were congregated beyond the fields. Thus, 2018 Inamori Grants Presentation Ceremony and the Seiwa Scholars Society General Assembly were closed in the enthusiastic atmosphere.

Research Grants

Voices from the recipients:
Dr. Asano Ishikawa:
Research Organization of Information and Systems, National Institute of Genetics, Assistant Professor
I have got the National Research Funding in the past but not yet the Public Research Funding. So I am very delighted to get today’s grant. It is significant that the research I wanted to tackle as a genuine researcher was well evaluated beyond a simple utility. In the future, when I could be in a position to foster young researchers, I wish them to consider “Research is Fun!” from bottom of their heart. (Photo: left top)

Dr. Taichi Takasuka:
Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Agriculture, Assistant Professor
I am looking forward to seeing today’s recipients who could be some competent personnel in 30 years later. I would like to do my best to meet an expectation of the Inamori Foundation. I am using in my research bacillus bacterium to which the world is paying a high attention. I wish to establish bacteria driven new technology through the support of the Inamori Grant.
(Photo: right top)

Dr. Yukari Oda:
Kyushu University, Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor
My research is nothing but the basic research. Nevertheless, one of the members of the grant selection committee kindly mentioned to me “Don’t be in a hurry! You should take sufficient time in order to be successful in your research.” I was very delighted to hear such generous advice. It could be some way to get a quick result or fruit but I believe it is essential to take time enough to be leading the eventually useful research results.”
(Photo: left bottom)

Dr. Shu Nakao
Ritsumeikan University, College of Life Science, Assistant Professor
I am honored to get the Inamori Grant. The current theme of my research is based upon the idea collecting the outcomes of my experiences during the graduate school, studying abroad, and current position. I wish current study could move into some unprecedented direction in the discourse with current related researchers plus the interaction with other surrounding researchers.
(Photo: right bottom)

The Inamori Foundation has presented the Inamori Grants since 1985 to a total of 1,581 researchers; total amount 1.57 billion yen including this year’s recipients. The Inamori Foundation continues to support the young researchers contributing to the creation of the enriched society in the future.

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