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  • 2016.05.09

Oxford invites Kyoto Prize to UK

Kyoto Prize at Oxford 記者会見A new collaboration between the University of Oxford and the Inamori Foundation will bring the laureates of the Kyoto Prize to the UK.

From 2017 the University of Oxford will host the Kyoto Prize laureates for the Kyoto Prize at Oxford, a brand new event which will generate a variety of lectures, interactive seminars and panel discussions.

The Kyoto Prize at Oxford event will take place at the Blavatnik School of Government, the newest department of the University of Oxford. The School shares with the Inamori Foundation a commitment to enhancing human well-being and the betterment of society. To this end, the Blavatnik School of Government strives to improve government and leadership around the world. The new collaboration will draw on the common values of the two organizations to inspire and to promote academic and cultural development.

The Kyoto Prize at Oxford will provide opportunities for students and faculty across Oxford, and more broadly for people across Europe, to learn about Dr. Inamori’s philosophy and the values of the Kyoto Prize.

Press Release (PDF)

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