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  • 2019.08.28

New Kyoto Prize website launched!


Newly redesigned Kyoto Prize website has been launched weeks before starting the Kyoto Prize Week in November! The new site offers a bright and lively design while retaining the solemnity of the Kyoto Prize.
We hope it helps visitors feel close to the Kyoto Prize.


▶Kyoto Prize website


POINT 1. Enriched information about the laureates
The new site incorporates and embeds video footage and the text of the commemorative lecture, interview footage, and latest news on the individual laureate page. We hope you enjoy getting to know about achievements, outlook on life and the world of each laureate.


POINT 2. Upgraded search facility!
In the center of the top page shows three circles which feature the three categories comprised of 12 fields in total for the Kyoto Prize. When you click the “Music”, for example, you can see the full list of former laureates in the field of music.


Registration for the commemorative lectures on Nov. 11 and the workshops on Nov. 13 is available from this Kyoto Prize website.
Admission is free on first-come, first-served basis!

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