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  • 2017.04.28

The world wisdoms meet together at Kyoto University! Audit application starts!

KUIPポスターInviting the world top class researchers and artists from the world, the 4th Kyoto University – Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium (KUIP) is held at Kyoto Univ. under the title of “Art, Science and Technology to Inspire Dreams and Adventure” on July 1 (Sat.) – 2(Sun.), 2017.

Effective April 28, the website of Audit application opens! Not only researchers and university students, but general people who are interested in Science and Arts would be highly welcome. For the detail, please visit KUIP relevant website:

In this symposium, the experts in the various fields of Science and Arts designated by the Kyoto Prize meet together and provide opportunities for the creation of inter-disciplinary innovation. In 2014, an organization of host Kyoto Univ. and co-host Inamori Foundation was established aiming for the promotion of Science and Arts. Quite a few among the past invited speakers won the authoritative International Awards after the KUIP.
Why not look forward their “foresights.”

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