President’s Message

The Inamori Foundation was established in 1984 by Kazuo Inamori, the founder of KYOCERA Corporation, and it has carried out its works with the Kyoto Prize, Research Grants, and Social Contributions as its three main activities. Among these, we are particularly confident about the Kyoto Prize in that the continuation of the selection of superb laureates by way of fair and strict screening has earned its substantial reputation as an international award.

In recent years, however, the environment which surrounds us has greatly changed, and with the threat of infectious disease and the crisis of world peace, the Foundation had to postpone the Kyoto Prize Presentation Ceremony and limit other activities. We have been reminded anew that such activities cannot be realized without a peaceful and secure society.

At present, in addition to our traditional activities, the Foundation is conducting a new long-term, large-scale grant program for basic research, a project to spark and nurture the spontaneous curiosity of children, and efforts to create opportunities to perceive the arts close at hand. Through these programs, we aim at serving everyone in various ways.

The Inamori Foundation’s basic philosophy that “a human being has no higher calling than to strive for the greater good of humanity and the world” has remained unchanged since our founding. We will always continue to sincerely conduct the programs required by the times in light of this philosophy.

Shinobu Inamori-Kanazawa
President, Inamori Foundation