Wonder Hunter Project



This project aims to encourage children’s own potential to find, investigate, and amplify wonders around them.

*The main target is from third to sixth graders in elementary school.


Science Expo for Kids

Science Expo for Kids is a summer science festival that aims to spark and foster children’s curiosity in science. This large-scale event provides opportunities for children to meet with wonders and to look into them for themselves through real experiences. The main exhibit is Kizukinoki, or “Tree of Discoveries,” where children’s own words about their discoveries are projected with a tree on their back on a large screen. The more discoveries participating children write down, the bigger the tree grows. It spreads its branches bearing fruits, and new trees are born. The forest of discoveries expands as more discoveries are made. The first event was held under the theme of “Universe” in the summer of 2019, drawing about 12,800 people and 7,500 “discoveries” in the course of two days!


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Highlights of the first Science Expo for Kids (Japanese)


Kizuki Land

Kizuki Land is a website for children to meet anew with wonders around them. It offers, so to speak, “note-able movies,” on which they can directly write down what they have found curious or fascinating while observing casual everyday scenes captured on videos. The site opened in the spring of 2022.

Visit “Kizuki Land” Website



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Kizuki Field

Collaborating with partners who empathize with the concept, Kizuki Field provides workshops for small groups of children, at which they meet with wonders through hands-on experience. The first workshop was held online in the fall of 2021. It was live streamed from the Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics, with the theme of “Fine ceramics around us! —What can we make with materials supporting our lives?”


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▶Report of the first workshop (Japanese)