In 2022, The Inamori Foundation launched “INAMORI Music Day”, a program to promote culture and art,
working together with the City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra and featured artists.
This program was born from the wish to provide opportunitiesfor the citizens and students
to enrich their lives by rediscovering the beauty of culture and art.



Since its establishment, the Inamori Foundation has developed its activities based on the beliefs of its founder that the future of humanity can be assured only when there is a balance between scientific development and the enrichment of the human spirit. The idea is also reflected in the fact that the Kyoto Prize, an international prize representing Japan, consists of the field of arts and philosophy as well as science and technology. This is the first annual program to promote culture and arts.



On November 3, the Culture Day of every year, we hold a concert by the City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra and guest artists. Around the same time, we create further opportunities for more people to encounter music by holding a series of events such as “Mini Concert” at cultural facilities, and “School Concert and Lesson” for students in Kyoto prefecture.