In December 2013, the Inamori Foundation and Kyoto University signed a memorandum of agreement on establishment of the Kyoto University-Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium (KUIP).

Background and Objectives

President Kazuo Inamori (left) and Kyoto University President Hiroshi Matsumoto at the Signing Ceremony, 2013

Background and Objectives KUIP aims to contribute to an expansion of the recognition of the Kyoto Prize around the world and boosting a public interest broadly toward the Kyoto Prize laureates and the respective prize fields.
KUIP is planned, coordinated and hosted by Kyoto University, who shares the philosophy of the Kyoto Prize with the support of the Inamori Foundation as a cohost since its inception in 2014.
Each year, themes are chosen from the seasonal topics in relation to the science and technology designated in the Kyoto Prize fields, which are well interested by wide age-group audience. KUIP provides an opportunity for general public as well as high school students to get in touch with cutting-edge academic research.