Hold Matsuyama Ballet’s “New Version Swan Lake”

Inamori Foundation held Matsuyama Ballet Kyoto Performance “New Version Swan Lake,” in commemoration of our 30th anniversary.


In gratitude for all the people who had supported our activities to date, we invited 4,800 (1,600 each) people for the three days from August 16 (Tue.) through 18 (Thu.). The number of applications was approximately 70,000 which exceeded our estimate. We accepted this fact, with pleasure and solemnity, as an expression of great expectation toward the foundation.

In the program, the audience were fascinated by the fully synchronized dance and lithe movement played by Ms. Yoko Morishita and 70 ballerinas to the music of Osaka Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mr. Shoichi Kawai. The gorgeous stages unfolded dramatically, which made everyone in the theater integrated and provided luxurious time of performing arts.


The ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto) was fully coordinated with the world of “New Version Swan Lake” ballet. It was very impressive that the guests were taking commemorative photos, posing freely in front of the costumes of “Princess Odette, the White Swan” and “Odile, the Black Swan.”


Followings are the comments from the guests:
“Though it was my first time to attend a ballet performance, I was very moved by its beauty.” (Elementary school girl)
“I enjoyed a dreamy time, getting away from my daily life.” (60’s, Male)
“This kind of experience to reach a top art is really fantastic.” (40’s, Female)
“Costumes and Stages were gorgeous. Also fascinated by the live music by orchestra.” (60’s Female)
“I really would like to try ballet, in addition to the rhythmic gymnastics which I’m learning now.” (Elementary school girl)
“Really happy to watch the ballet performed by my favorite Ms. Yoko Morishita.” (20’s, Female)

We appreciate again that many people visited this event in spite of these extremely hot days. We keep trying our best to be a beloved foundation and would ask for your continued support.

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