Kazuo Inamori and the Nobel Foundation

The Nobel Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held on December 10 at Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Dr. Tasuku Honjo, the 2016 Kyoto Prize laureate will participate in the ceremony.

Baron Stig Ramel and President Inamori

In 1985, following year of the establishment of the Kyoto Prize, President of the Inamori Foundation, Kazuo Inamori made a courtesy visit to the Nobel Foundation, where Inamori consulted the concept of Kyoto Prize with Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation, Baron Stig Ramel.

Inamori learned a lot from Baron Ramel with his cordial response as they would be pleased to sincerely support the Kyoto Prize; the most significant thing as an international award is to conduct rigorous and impartial selection from international standpoint; the prize dignity is protected in the fullness of its continuity.

Chairman Sune K. Bergström, Executive Director Baron Ramel and six other representatives of the Nobel Foundation

At the inaugural Kyoto Prize, the Inamori Foundation presented the Special Commemorative Kyoto Prize to honor the Nobel Foundation. The chairman of the Nobel Foundation, Professor Sune D. Bergstrom, Baron Ramel, and the Representatives of six Screening Committees (literature, physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, economics, peace) came all the way from Sweden with Her Majesty Queen Silvia to take part in the presentation. It was first time ever that all those six left Sweden at the same timing.

Her Majesty Queen Silvia and Their Imperial Highness Prince and Princess Mikasa

Professor Bergstrom, Nobel Prize laureate in physiology or medicine met Biochemist Osamu Hayakawa, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University, who was close friend over 20 years through the mutual research. His laboratory is called the Hayakawa school, where Dr. Yasutomi Nishizuka, the 1992 Kyoto Prize laureate and Dr. Tasuku Honjo also studied.

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