2019 Kyoto Prize Week Ended in Kagoshima: The Messages from the Laureates to High School Students

The 2019 Kyoto Prize Week ended with the laureate lectures in Kagoshima prefecture. The lectures took place on November 16 attended by 1200 which includes many high school students.

Inamori Foundation invites the students in Kagoshima’s remote islands every year in order to give them, who will bear the next generation, the opportunities to enjoy the great knowledge in the world. This year, 165 students from three high schools in Amami Oshima and Tanegashima attended the lectures.

“How was your feeling when you changed your field of study?”
“Has the cosmic map project led to any changes in your outlook on life?”
“What would you do if you want to change the way of expression?”
A number of questions were raised from the students who were actively engaged in the lectures while taking note.

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