2005 Inamori Research Grants Recipients

The Natural Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Ashida, Masaaki Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
Study on Ultrafast Opto-Electronics Using Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Awatsuji, Yasuhiro Assistant Professor
Faculty of Engineering and Design
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Study on digital holography that can carry out instantaneous measurement of three-dimensional image of living body
Fukuda, Yoshiyuki Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
Miyagi University of Education
Development of InP solid state detector for the observation of pp/7Be solar neutrinos
Fukumizu, Kenji Associate Professor
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Research Organization of Information and Systems
Probabilistic integration of genetic information data with graph structure
Furuya, Hidetaka Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Science
Osaka University
Evolution of dicyemid mesozoans
Furuya, Kenji Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences
Kyushu University
Development of new low-k inter-layer insulating films needed essentially for super high-speed LSI manufacturing
Hara, Eiji Professor
Institute for Genome Research
The University of Tokushima
Evolution of INK4a/ARF gene locus and development of tumor suppression function
Horie, Kyoji Associate Professor
Department of Social and Environmental Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine
Osaka University
Development of a tumor suppressor gene screening method using the mouse transposon
Horiguchi, Hiroko Research Associate
School of Medicine
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
Invasions of the land; the limited habitat of Ligia exotica (Isopada, Crustacea)
Hoshino, Yoichiro Assistant Professor
Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Creative Research Initiative SOUSEI
Hokkaido University
Development of in vitro fertilization technique and analysis of the molecular programs which control fertilization and embryogenesis in higher plants
Ikawa, Yoshiya Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
Rational approach toward generation of artificial ribozymes whose activities are comparable to those of natural enzymes
Imafuku, Yasuhiro Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science
Kyushu University
Emergence of macroscopic sliding movements by non-linear interactions of biological molecular motors
Kajimura, Hisashi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Nagoya University
Detection of fungi associated with insects in forest ecosystems and evaluation of their effects-To search for origins of diversity and evolution in the living world-
Kawahira, Tomoki Research Associate
Graduate School of Mathematics
Nagoya University
Laminations associated with holomorphic dynamics
Kawai, Hideki Assistant Professor
Research Institute of Electronics
Shizuoka University
Development of laser oscillator using light-harvest dendrimers
Kitagawa, Hiroshi Professor
Faculty of Science
Kyushu University
Creation of solid state ionics by super-protonic conductor
Koga, Takaaki Associate Professor
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Hokkaido University
Investigation of semiconductor spin interference devices toward the applications for quantum computing
Machida, Tomoki Associate Professor
Institute of Industrial Science
The University of Tokyo
Initialization and manipulation of nuclear-spin quantum states in semiconductor electronic devices
Matsumoto, Hiromichi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Agriculture
Tohoku University
Establishment of rat embryonic stem (ES) cells and related technology
Misono, Masatoshi Associate Professor
Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science
Fukuoka University
Reshaping of digital signals by stochastic resonance in optical bistable systems
Mitsui, Shinichi Associate Professor
School of Medicine
Kochi University
Behavioral analyses of mice lacking a mental retardation gene, motopsin (PRSS12)
Mitsuishi, Masaya Associate Professor
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
Tohoku University
Design of photo-optic conversion system of hybrid nanoassemblies organized with organic nonlinear optical materials and metal nanoparticles
Miyazaki, Toru Professor
Center for Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
The University of Tokyo
Towards the development of a novel therapy for atherosclerosis via suppressing AIM function
Mizushima, Tohru Professor
Graduate School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kumamoto University
Regulatory mechanism for the activity of ORC, the initiator of DNA replication
Nishimura, Isao Instructor
Institute for Protein Research
Osaka University
Molecular mechanisms underlying terminal differentiation of postmitotic neurons in drosophila
Ohmi, Shun-ichiro Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Novel salicide process for sub 5-nm ultra-thin SOI-MOSFET
Okabayashi, Jun Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Origin of ferromagnetism in spin-controlled semiconductors: Precise measurement in electronic structure
Okada, Reiko Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education
Waseda University
Analysis of control machanisms of thyrotropin secretion in vertebrates: Evolution consideration of homeothermia
Sada, Kiyonao Lecturer
Graduate School of Medicine
Kobe University
Study of Cbl-b, a negative regulator of mast cell activation
Sakai, Yoichi Research Assistant
Graduate School of Biosphere Science
Hiroshima University
Ecological study on the mating system and sex change in fishes of Kuchierabu-jima Island, focusing on hawkfishes and sandperches
Sasaki, Junko Assistant Professor
School of Medicine
Akita University
The relationship between phosphoinositide metabolism and behavior
Shiina, Tatsuo Research Associate
Faculty of Engineering
Chiba University
High-efficient beam propagation in random media
Tachibana, Tetsuya Assistant Professor
Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School
Kyushu University
Studies on the feeding-regulatory mechanism of gonadotropin-inhibiting hormone in the brain
Takayanagi, Hiroshi Professor
Graduate School
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Studies on the regulation of osteoclast differentiation by analysis of evolutionally-conserved gene regulatory elements
Tamate, Tsuyoshi COE Researcher
Graduate School of Science
Hokkaido University
Spatial variation in frequencies of alternative life history forms in female masu salmon. I. Variation within rivers
Tanaka, Yoshimasa Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Biostudies
Kyoto University
Structure-function relationship in the mechanism for nonpeptide antigen recognition by immune cells
Toda, Motomu COE Researcher
Biosphere Dynamics Research Group, The Institute of Low Temperature Science
Hokkaido University
A simulation study of impacts of the global environmental change on forest ecosystem
Uchiyama, Chikako Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering
University of Yamanashi
Control of dephasing of quantum dot
Usami, Noritaka Associate Professor
Institute for Materials Research
Tohoku University
Development of transfer technique of single-crystalline Si film on foreign substrates toward realization of low-cost high-efficiency solar cells
Ushimaru, Takashi Lecturer
Faculty of Science
Shizuoka University
Growth analysis in leaf of Arabis serrata at alpine area (3,000m a.s.l.) on Mt. Fuji

The Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Ando, Munemoto Associate Professor
Advanced Research Institute for the Sciences and Humanities
Nihon University
Affirmative action in economic contests
Kamihigashi, Takashi Professor
Kobe University
Economic theory of digital data products: Market competition and social welfare
Kyuma, Taiken Associate Professor
Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences
Mie University
On the position of Esoteric Buddhism in late Indian Buddhism
Mizokami, Shinichi Associate Professor
Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education
Kyoto University
The role of positioning in self-formation: Consideration of the self insisting on its essence toward the other from the dynamic perspective
Takahashi, Masahito Associate Professor
Faculty of Humanities
Yamaguchi University
Research of Japanese popular culture in East Asia
Togawa, Masahiko Associate Professor
Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation
Hiroshima University
Anthropological study on the religious education and the multi-cultural policy in public institutions in Bangladesh
Uesugi, Kazuhiro Assistant
The Kyoto University Museum
Kyoto University
Motoori Norinaga and the process of formation of his geographical knowledge
Wakamatsu, Kunihiro Associate Professor
Faculty of Foreign Studies
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Organising new interests in advanced societies: Interest groups and politics in Britain since the 1990s
Watai, Rikako Associate Professor
Law School
Nihon University
Regulatory treatment over foreign banks in Japan as compared to U.S.A.
Yamaguchi, Toyoko Lecturer
Faculty of Education
Shizuoka University
The sand as a factor for healing in sand play therapy

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