2015 Inamori Research Grants Recipients

The Natural Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Atarashi, Hironori Assistant Professor
Faculty of Systems Engineering
Wakayama University
Development of Novel Adhesion Mechanism Utilizing Multipoint Interaction Formed by Polysaccharides
Iono, Daisuke Associate Professor
Chile Observatory, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
High Resolution Observations of DistantSubmillimeter Galaxies Using ALMA
Ishikawa, Atsushi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Okayama University
Acoustic Metamaterials for Noise Shielding
Ishimoto, Takuya Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
Development of bone implant materials with bone-like mechanical functions based on 3D additive manufacturing
Ishimoto, Hiroshi Designated Assistant Professor
Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science
Nagoya University
How is the courtship auditory information processed and integrated to stimulate sexual motivation? : Identify brain circuits and its physiological function
Inoue, Yasumichi Associate Professor
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nagoya City University
Methyltransferase SET8 is a novel negative regulator of TGF-β signaling in cancer progression
Iwamori, Tokuko Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Kyushu University
Identification of Intercellular Bridge proteins and effects of intercellular bridge proteins on proliferation with cellular connection
Ubukata, Takashi Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Yokohama National University
Development of dynamic photo patterning method for conductive polymer materials
Okada, Yoshinori Assistant Professor
Advanced Institute of Material Research
Tohoku University
Study on mechanism for creating Dirac gap via broken crystalline symmetry in topological crystalline insulator
Onuma, Takeshi Assistant Professor
Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science
Osaka University
Understanding of chordate organogenesis through imaging of left and right blastmeres and epidermal cells
Kawanoue, Hiraku Assistant Professor
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Kyoto Univeristy
Resolution of singularities for algebraic varieties
Kitagawa, Munenori Special Postdoctral Researcher
RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science
RIKEN Center
Study for regulatory mechanism of cell-to-cell communication through plasmodesmata
Kurahashi, Takuya Associate Professor
Department of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto Univeristy
Preparation of Organic Photovoltaics using Heteroaromatic Polymer
Kurosawa, Shunsuke Assistant Professor
Institute for Materials Research
Tohoku University
Development of novel materials for oil-well logging, medical imaging and astronomy
Kebukawa, Yoko Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Yokohama National University
Estimation of the thermal history of asteroids from the organic matter in meteorites
Kono, Yusuke Research Associate
Mizusawa VLBI Observatory
National Astronomical Observatory
Development of Balloon borne hermetic computer for black hole direct imaging
Saito, Kyosuke Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Tohoku University
Giant nonlinear optical effects of monolayer GaSe film and their application for terahertz-wave generation
Sasahara, kazutoshi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Information Science
Nagoya University
The development of a modeling method for animal behavioral sequence data
Tsuihiji, Takanobu Lecturer
Graduate School of Science
The University of Tokyo
Functional Morphological analysis on the range of motion of the neck in dinosaurs
Tsukada, Yuichi Professor
INAMORI Frontier Research Center
Kyushu University
Roles of secretory proteins in the mammalian pre-implantation embryo
Tsujimura, Seiya Associate Professor
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Hyperactivation of redox enzymes at designed soft-interface on hierarchical structured carbon material
Naka, Yumiko Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science DivisionⅡ
Tokyo University of Science
Formation of Ordered Porous Films on the Surface Based on Star Polymers with Sulfonyl Groups
Nikaido, Masato Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Understanding of the mechanism of convergent evolution at the molecular level
Hashimoto, Satoru Assistant Professor
Oita University
Genomic Instability and Transcription-deficiency in Progeroid syndromes
Fukuda, Hirokazu Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka Prefecture University
Elucidation of the dedifferentiation phenomenon by the topological charge of the biological clock in plant
Fujimoto, Yutaka Assistant Professor
School of Engineering
Tohoku University
Development of silicate based glass for environment radiation dosimetry
Hobro, Jane Alison Specially Appointed Researcher
Biophotonics, Immunology Frontier Research Center
Osaka University
Structural analysis of Interleukin-6 mRNA 3’UTR using label-free Roman Spectroscopy
Matsushima, Hisayoshi Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Hokkaido University
Study for electric hydrogen isotope separation by novel electrode material invented under microgravity
Matsuda, Ikki Assistant Professor
Long-term Field Study Project, Primate Research Institute
Kyoto Univeristy
Investigation on rocal acoustics in sexually highly dimorphic proboscis monkeys : implications for adaptive benefits of nasal development
Matsuda, Yasuhiro Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Shizuoka University
Easy fabrication and application of gel of a biocompatible and eco-friendly polymer
Matsuda, Yu Assistant Professor
Ecotopia Science Institute
Nagoya University
Study on crater morphology by hydrogel impact on granular media
Matsunaga, Tetsuya Researcher
Environment and Energy Materials Division
National Institute for Materials Science
Stabilization of microstructure by grain boundary controll for welded high chromium ferritic heat resistant steel
Masayuki Matsumoto
2014 Hakuraku Grantee
Faculty of Medicine
University of Tsukuba
Role of dopamine signals in the prefrontal cortet
Mitsui, Yuta Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Science
Shizuoka University
Study on earthquake preparatory processes based on interval changes of slow slip events
Muta, Hiroaki Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
Performance improvement of high mobility thermoelectric materials by modulation doping
Mori, Hirotoshi Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ochanomizu University
Theoretical design of intermolecular interaction in excited states for white light emitting diode with high stability
Yaeno, Takashi Associate Professor
Faculty of Agriculture
Ehime University
Identification of phytopathogen effectors disrupting plant immune systems and elucidation of the molecular mechanisms
Yajima, Takeaki Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Development of transfer technique for ferroelectric ceramic thin films and its application to high-pressure mapping sensor sheet
Yasuda, Satoshi Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Hokkaido University
Bottom up synthesis of two dimensional hetero materials for highly active catalyst
Yanagisawa, Miho Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Dynamics of wetting and density fluctuation in poymerdroplets
Watanabe, Miho Assistant Professor
Department of Neurophysiolosy
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
Neuronal disease caused by the impaired chloride homeostasis of the neurons

The Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Ito, Nobuhiro Professor
Graduate School of Letters
Osaka University
A Comparative Study of Enka-esque Pop-folk genres in Balkan and Asian Countries
Inoue, Takahiro Associate Professor
Faculty of Law
Kyushu University
Influences of age on criminal responsibility– For a reasonable solution to the problem of juvenile and elderly delinquency –
Ohno, Tomohiko Associate Professor
Institute of Human and Social Sciences
Kanazawa University
Expertise and democracy in the dam constructions : Comparative study between large dams and paddy field dams
Kikuchi, Toshimasa Project Research Associate
The University Museum
The University of Tokyo
On the comprehensive practial use of scientific specimens in museums through the use of replicas
Kishi, Yasuko Associate Professor
Faculty of Design
Kyushu University
Urban Historical Study of the Court Nobility’s Wedding in the Early Modern Period
Sakon, Yukimura Associate Professor
Center for Transdisciplinary Research
Niigata University
Sea of Japan and Black Sea at the Beginning of the 20th Century : Maritime politics of the Russian Empire
Takeuchi, Shimpei Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
Nara University of Education
Fundamental study about archiving of drawing textbooks (brush-drawing) by Kyoto-fu Gagakko (Kyoto Art School) staff
Nakajima, Tomoyuki Professor
Institute of Economic Research
Kyoto Univeristy
Macroeconomic analysis on fiscal crises
Hashino, Shimpei Director & Associate Professor
Archaeological Herritage Management Office
Tokushima University
How did Mumun Pottery Culture people in the Korean peninsula adapt themselves to the environment?
Hoshiro, Hiroyuki Associate Professor
Institute of Social Science
The University of Tokyo
The influence of official development assistance (ODA) to the donor-recipient international relations -A panel data study-

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