2019 Inamori Research Grants Recipients

The Natural Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Abe, Chikara Associate Professor
Graduate School of Medicine
Gifu University
Elucidation of a novel anti-inflammatory mechanism via the vestibulo-autonomic reflex
Iijima, Kazutoshi Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Yokohama National University
Control of differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and regeneration of knee joint by functionalization of the interpenetrating polymer network gels
Inaba, Hiroshi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Tottori University
Encapsulation of exogenous proteins inside microtubules based on the peptide design toward elucidation of physical property of the protein-encapsulated microtubules
Iwakami, Satoshi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Agriculture
Kyoto University
Unlocking the mystery of a super weed that acquired resistance to herbicides
Ohsawa, Shizue Professor
Graduate School of Science
Nagoya University
Robust regulation of developmental time axis through “cell-turnover” in Drosophila
Ota, Yasutomo Project Associate Professor
Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics
The University of Tokyo
Development of transfer printing for multi-material hybrid integration and its application to nonlinear quantum optical circuits
Okamoto, Yoshihiko Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya University
Development of high-performance tantalum-based thermoelectric cooling devices
Kawashima, Hidehisa Assistant Professor
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Research and development of high-performance bioplastics utilizing the algal-biomass with a unique molecular structure
Goto, Aki Researcher
Research and Development Directorate
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Development of Novel Control Method of Polymer Surface Properties by Atomic Oxygen Beam
Saito, Atsushi Instructor
School of Medicine
Sapporo Medical University
The analysis of the relationship between pulmonary collectin and microbiome in the lung
Sakai, Kazuya Associate Professor
Graduate School of Systems Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Secure Machine Learning Algorithms on Ciphertexts
Shinohara, Hidefumi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Science
Nagoya University
Analysis of the mechanism of gradient formation/maintenace of PLETHORA protein in plant root
Shimizu, Tomoko Associate Professor
Faculty of Science and Technology
Keio University
Development of multi-scale scanning probe microscopy for the discovery of new functional materials
Shiraishi, Miyako Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Osaka University
Elucidation of the cellular function of the ubiquitous protein, endonuclease V
Suzuki, Takehito Associate Professor
Institute of Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Creation of transparent, reflectionless, zero-refractive-index materials in the terahertz waveband
Suzuki, Nobuharu Associate Professor
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
The Molecular Mechanism of Neuronal Activity-dependent Myelination by Oligodendrocytes
Suzuki, Masashi Assistant Professor
Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research
University of Yamanashi
Development of piezoelectric vibrational energy harvesters made of polarization-inverted rare-earth-doped AlN films
Tagami, Shunsuke Unit Leader
Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
Structural analysis and engineering of the biosynthesis system for “lasso” peptides
Tanimoto, Sho Associate Professor
Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence
Kumamoto University
Research on Rational and Integral points via Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry
Tsuge, Mitsuru Senior Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Okayama University
Brain vascular endothelial dysfunction by high mobility group box 1 in the influenza-associated encephalopathy
Tsuda, Takuo Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering
The University of Electro-Communications
Development of new technique for noctilucent cloud observation to monitor global warming
Terashima, Takaya Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
Functional Hydrogels Created by Self-Sorting Amphiphilic Polymers
Nishio, Hidenori Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Nagoya City University
The development of male infertility treatment by clarifying the epigenetic mechanism of spermatogenesis disorder
Nobukane, Hiroyoshi Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science
Hokkaido University
Exploration of high-temperature superconductivity in a ruthenate nanofilm
Hirashima, Tsuyoshi Lecturer
Graduate School of Medicine
Kyoto University
Mathematical Modeling for Mechano-chemical Feedback System in Multicellular Tissues
Fukasawa, Yu Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Tohoku University
Effects of wood decay type on tree seedling regeneration on coarse woody debris
Fukaya, Takashi Lecturer
Institute for Quantitative Biosciences
The University of Tokyo
Elucidating the role of chromosomal topology in transcription dynamics
Masuda, Takashi Lecturer
Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Development of new printed silicon-based electronic devices
Masuda, Takahiko Senior Assistant Professor
Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science
Okayama University
Observation of the ultra-violet photon emission from nuclei using the nuclear resonant scattering method
Mishima, Yuichiro Associate Professor
Faculty of Lifesciences
Kyoto Sangyo University
A comprehensive study about the mRNA stability code hidden in the genetic code
Miyakawa, Hitoshi Associate Professor
Center for Bioscience Research and Education
Utsunomiya University
Analysis of juvenile hormone signaling pathway in non-insect arthropods
Miyata, Kazuki Assistant Professor
Institute for Frontier Science Initiative
Kanazawa University
Molecular-scale Imaging of Dynamic Behavior on Cell Surfaces by 3D Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid
Miyanishi, Hiroshi Assistant Professor
Faculty of Agriculture
University of Miyazaki
Understanding the mechanism of high-salt taste related to migration in fish
Munemasa, Shintaro Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science
Okayama University
Functional characterization of light-sensitive proton transporters in higher-plant chloroplast envelope membranes
Morita, Masayuki Senior Assistant Professor
Proteo-Science Center
Ehime University
Malaria vaccine antigen discovery: Identification of parasite proteins interacting with CD55; a human protein essential for erythrocyte invasion
Morihiro, Kunihiko Research Associate
Graduate School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Development of Fe(II)-responsive RNAi therapeutics
Yamaguchi, Shinpei Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Medicine
Osaka University
The molecular basis of the totipotency of cell
Yamasaki, Tokiwa Instructor
Medical School
Keio University
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic excitatory/inhibitory balance in the brain
Yuba, Eiji Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka Prefecture University
Development of immune cell-specific antigen carriers using liposome modified with pH-responsive curdlan derivatives having mannose residues
Yokoshi, Nobuhiko Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka Prefecture University
Theory of optical vortex-induced spintronics

The Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Akaishi, Daisuke Program-specific Assistant Professor
Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research (C-PiER)
Kyoto University
Determinant factors of citizen’s high motivation for the participation of environmental conservation: Deeply-discussion with citizen for the revitalization of Ashiu Forest
Zhu, Yi Assistant Professor
Faculty of Business Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Comparison of omotenashi culture between Japan and China: Employees’ hospitality and their practices in cross-cultural business
Takeda, Shunsuke Associate Professor
School of Human Cultures
The University of Shiga Prefecture
Qualitative Research on Succession of Festivals and Folk performing Arts in Marginal Villages: Focusing on Relations and Mediators between Inhabitants, Out-Migrants, and Lifestyle Migrants
Nakagawa, Katsushi Associate Professor
Institute of Urban Innovation
Yokohama National University
Study on the Genealogy on Sound Art in Taiwan: Focusing on the Case of WANG Fujui
Nemoto, Tatsushi Assistant Professor
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Digital Archiving of Historical Materials Concerning Untouchable Liberation Movements in India and Research on Buddhist Monk Sasai’s Religious Practices of “Becoming-Untouchable”
Nojima, Natsuko Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Osaka University
A New Style of Exclusion and Its Generation Process in ‘Benefit Scroungers’ Discourses
Higuchi, Yuki Associate Professor
Graduate School of Economics
Nagoya City University
Proposal of Several Policies to Eliminate Information Perception Gaps on Existing Common Resources
Maki, Nahomi Lecturer
Graduate School of Film and New Media
Tokyo University of the Arts
A study on drawing method and spatial perception in 360-degree and stereoscopic video
Yanagisawa, Fumiaki Research Associate
Graduate School of Humanities
The University of Tokyo
A Study on “Civilizing Mission” through the History of Art and of Missiology : Representations of Material Culture of French West Africa among Catholic Missions
Yabuki, Yasuo Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Rikkyo University
Changing incentive of actors and awareness strategies in the movement of people with visual disfigurements

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