2020 Inamori Research Grants Recipients

The Natural Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Ikeda, Kenji Junior Associate Professor
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
The mechanism of beige adipocytes induction reduction under obesity by single-cell analysis
Iwashita, Takuya Associate Professor
Faculty of Science and Technology
Oita University
Formulating the physics of aqueous solution: Molecular picture of viscosity abnormality
Ogawa, Takumi Lecturer
Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Osaka Prefecture University
Analysis of wax ester fermentation pathway using isolated mitochondria of Euglena
Kakuchi, Ryohei Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Gunma University
Library screening of conjugated polymers featuring ultra high sensitive and selective metal cation sensing abilities
Katsura, Hosho Associate Professor
Graduate School of Science
The University of Tokyo
Quantum entanglement and dynamics in constrained many-electron systems
Kato, Hideaki Associate Professor
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo
Structural and functional analysis of intermediate states during the formation of promiscuous-GPCR-G protein complex
Kaneko, Mitsuaki Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
Development of high-temperature SiC integrated circuits
Kim, June-Sik Researcher
Center for Sustainable Resource Science
Study on plant unfolded protein response in the flowering time regulation
Kuraishi, Takayuki Associate Professor
Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
Kanazawa University
Analysis for mechanisms of carcinogenesis driven by autoinflammation
Koshiyama, Tomomi Associate Professor
College of Life Sciences
Ritsumeikan University
Synthesis of metal particles on inner surface of cell membrane and characterization
Gotoh, Ayako Associate Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Konan University
Long-term sperm storage mechanisms in ant queens
Kon, Shunsuke Junior Associate Professor
Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Tokyo University of Science
Study of an anti-tumorigenic function exerted by cell competition regulated by autophagy
Gon, Masayuki Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
Development of Fused Conjugated Polymer Complexes for Highly Efficient Near‐Infrared Emission
Suzuki, Takumi Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science
Ibaraki University
Understanding molecular mechanisms that regulate production of neuronal diversity
Takagi, Seiko Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science
Hokkaido University
Study of physical chemistry mechanism and atmospheric dynamics influence on Venus cloud
Takenaka, Yuto Assistant Professor
College of Life Sciences
Ritsumeikan University
Elucidating the biosynthesis mechanism of pectin, a functional bio-polymer for plant development
Tajiri, Takeyoshi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering
University of Electro-Communications
Study on fabrication of nitride-semiconductor three-dimensional photonic crystals using a regrowth technique and its application
Tsuchimatsu, Takashi Associate Professor
Graduate School of Science
University of Tokyo
Evolutionary dynamics of the non-self recognition self-incompatibility system in wild populations
Tsubaki, Shuntaro Assistant Professor
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Development of new biomass gasification process using radiofrequency electromagnetic field
Tera, Masayuki Associate Professor
Graduate school of Technology
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Development of genetic control system based on nucleic acids higher order structure
Toda, Hirofumi Assistant Professor
International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine
University of Tsukuba
Functional analysis of sleep inducing gene ‘nemuri’-discovering a link between sleep and immunity-
Tobe, Hirobumi Assistant Professor
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Development of new Pd-Ti-Zr alloys with high temperature shape memory properties
Nishioka, Chifumi Assistant Professor
Kyoto University Library
Kyoto University
Development of an analysis methodology for learning logs towards evidence-based recommender systems of library contents
Nishiguchi, Daiki Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Science
The University of Tokyo
Spatiotemporal control of cell orientational order and response measurement
Nishizawa, Atsushi Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Science
The University of Tokyo
Developing a statistical method of gravitational wave data analysis for tests of gravity
Nozaki, Takayuki Senior Lecturer
Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation
Yamaguchi University
Theory and Construction of Insertion/Deletion Correcting Codes
Hashimoto, Misuzu Assistant Professor
Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences
Gifu University
Study on the new mechanism of CNS myelin formation through identification of methylated proteins
Hatae, Ryusuke Assistant Professor
Kyushu University Hospital
Kyushu University
Immune-metabolome study of the mechanism of resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer patients with brain metastasis
Hayashi, Yohei Assistant Professor
Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer
Tohoku University
Regulatory mechanism of male fetal germ cell differentiation via serine metabolism in mice
Hirai, Tomoyasu Research Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Osaka Institute of Technology
Preparation of polymer brush consisting of zwitterion on the basis of surface initiated living anionic polymerization methods
Fukuyama, Tomoko Associate Professor
College of Science and Engineering
Ritsumeikan University
Nondestructive measurements of concrete stiffness using piezoelectric effect
Furuta, Tomoyuki Assistant Professor
Insitute of Plant Science and Resources
Okayama University
Development of a micro-environment monitoring system for plants
Matsumoto, Takuya Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka Prefecture University
Development of PET degrading enzyme working in organic solvent
Miura, Kyoko Associate Professor
Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence
Kumamoto University
Elucidation of the roles of species-specific, highly expressed genes in the longest-lived rodent, the naked mole rat
Mougi, Akihiko Associate Professor
Academic Assembly
Shimane University
A theory of mutual maintenance mechanism of intra- and interspecific diversities
Yamazaki, Masakazu Associate Professor
School of Science
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Development of a wavefunction imaging method for excited electronic and vibrational states of molecules
Yoshii, Kazumichi Designated Associate Professor
Institute of Post-LED Photonics
Tokushima University
Development of optical function generator
Wakabayashi, Rie Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyushu University
Correlation between physical factors of peptidic supramolecules and interaction with targeted cells
Waku, Tsuyoshi Assistant Professor
Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences
Doshisha University
A novel mechanism of an immune suppression in cancer through an amino-acid uptake competition by a tumorigenic transcription factor NRF3
Watanabe, Kiwamu Associate Professor
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Chuo University
Characterization of homogeneous varieties among Fano varieties

The Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title
Shazadigul, Shawuti Assistant Professor
School of Cultural and Creative Studies
Aoyama University
Future prospects of foreign workers―Survey research of foreign workers in Japan―
Takenouchi, Sayaka Associate Professor
Graduate School of Medicine
Kyoto University
Talk about Wishes for End-of-Life Care: Development and Evaluation of the Tool to Help People to Engage in Advance Care Planning
Tian, Xiaojie Assistant Professor
Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Re-Thinking the Roles of Education in Socialization: An Ethnographic Investigation of the Collaborative Pastoral Practice between Children and Adults in Pastoralist Maasai Society
Fukuyama, Hiroshi Lecturer
Faculty of Regional Sciences
Tottori University
The developmental origins of musicality: research on musicality in infant-parent and infant-infant interactions
Fujii, Hiroshige Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Regional Development and Creativity
Utsunomiya University
Empirical Studies on the Legacy of International Judicial Interventions in Africa: Focus on the Role of International Criminal Court Trust Fund for Victims
Fujii, Yasuyuki Professor
Department of Cultural Policy and Management
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Policies and measures to cope with vacant properties in the era of Japan’s depopulation – focusing on land banks
Matsumoto, Ikuyo Professor
Graduate School of Urban Social and Cultural Studies
Yokohama City University
An Interdisciplinary Study of the Relationship between the Establishment of Professional Lineages and Lineage Origin Narratives of Kami and Buddhas in the Japanese Medieval Period
Min, Jungwon Associate Professor
Faculty of Economics and Management
Sophia University
How Do Organizations Learn from Human Errors?: An Empirical Analysis in the Context of World Nuclear Power Plants
Mori, Yuichiro Associate Professor
Graduate School of Law
Hokkaido University
A Legal-philosophical Examination of Normative Theories of Discrimination Centered on the Respect as an Individual
Yamauchi, Aki Professor
School of Commerce
Waseda University
Disclosure of Patents as Intangible Assets

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