Tomoyasu Hirai

Department of Applied Chemistry Faculty of Engineering, Osaka Institute of TechnologyResearch Associate Professor*Profile is at the time of the award.

2020Inamori Research Grants

Research topics
Preparation of polymer brush consisting of zwitterion on the basis of surface initiated living anionic polymerization methods
So far, we prepared polymer brush with well-controlled stereoregularity using surface-initiated living anionic polymerization method. Recently, we also found that anionic polymerization of zwitterionic monomer can be achieved in the presence of ionic liquids. If this notion can be simply covert to the surface-initiated living anionic polymerization, we could prepare zwitterionic polymers with well-controlled stereoregularity can be obtained. Our aim of this study is to understand an effect of the stereoregularity on the surface properties.

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