The 2019 Inamori Grants 50 recipients selected

The Inamori Foundation announced the 2019 Inamori Grants 50 recipients on March 15. Out of 550 applicants, 40 from the natural sciences and 10 from the humanities and social sciences were chosen through the rigorous selection. A grant is 1 million yen per program. There is no scrutiny of how the recipients use the grant as far as it is used for the research purpose. The presentation ceremony will be held at the hotel, Kyoto in April.

The Inamori Grant program was launched in 1985. The total recipients and amounts turned 1,631 and 1.62 billion yen. The former recipients include many distinguished people: Dr. Shinya Yamanaka (2004), Medical Scientist in the iPS research; Dr. Masaki Kashiwara (1988), Mathematician, the 2018 Kyoto Prize laureate; Robert Campbell (1992), a scholar of Japanese literature, active T.V. commentator; Dr. Shojiro Nishio (1988), President, Osaka University, Specialist of Data Engineering, et al. The 2020 Inamori Grants application will be started at the end of May, 2019.

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka (2004), a researcher at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology and President Kazuo Inamori

The Inamori Foundation would like to support the promising young researchers for their creative and free research activities.

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