The Theme for the 2021 InaRIS Fellowship Program Announced

The InaRIS Fellowship Program grants 10 million yen per year over 10 years (totaling 100 million yen) to researchers engaged in investigations into topics with high potential based on a grand vision, providing them with opportunities to indulge themselves in research activities and pursue the possibility of triggering a quantum leap in science. The keyword set for the eligible researches for the fiscal 2021 Program is as below.

Life Science: Flexibility and Robustness of Living Systems

Living organisms grow and evolve as elaborate systems characterized by their flexibility as well as robustness against environment. Recent progress of life science provided rapid development and deep impact not only in biology, medical science, pharmaceutical science, agricultural science, and engineering, but environmental science and information science.
The selection committee expects application of research proposal deepening life science pursuing hidden capabilities of living organisms or creating novel research field in life science.

Details of the application period and requirements can be found on on the InaRIS webpage.

The explanatory meetings will be held in Tokyo and Kyoto in early March ahead of the application open date, at which Inamori Foundation officers will give the details about the program and the application requirements. Please actively participate.

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