InaRIS Fellowship Program

Scientific breakthroughs may be brought about by rigorously analyzing the least expected results. The InaRIS Fellowship Program grants 10 million yen per year over 10 years (totaling 100 million yen) to researchers engaged in investigations into topics with high potential based on a grand vision, providing them with opportunities to indulge themselves in research activities and pursue the possibility of triggering a quantum leap in science.


To mark the Foundation’s 35th anniversary, we decided to establish the Inamori Research Institute for Science (InaRIS) Fellowship Program.

It is our conviction that experiencing the true exhilaration of scientific research, i.e., freely pursuing what arouses your curiosity and undertaking research with high potential based on a grand vision is the first step. This program will help you to take that step.

Prospectus (PDF)


  1. Research grants to InaRIS Fellows

    10 million yen per year over 10 years (total 100 million yen)

  2. Support for InaRIS Fellows

    Network among InaRIS Fellows, carefully crafted follow-ups

Requirements for InaRIS Fellow

  • Originality

    Connecting to significant discovery or invention based upon the original viewpoint?

  • Innovativeness

    Holding an innovative idea, method or approach free from conventional way of thinking?

  • Internationality

    Holding a novelty or generality approved from the world?

  • Sustainability

    Seeking for further leap based upon ample research experience?

  • Consistency

    Worthy of a 10 years grants with a long-term consistency in the contents of research?

  • Developability

    Connecting to the creation of new research field based upon long-term perspective?

  • Sociability

    Contributing to the human society showing human intelligence?


OperationThe InaRIS Operation Committee arranges support for InaRIS Fellows and makes policy decisions for said Program.

Operation Committee


SelectionSelection is conducted by the InaRIS Fellow Selection Committee, which is independent from the InaRIS Operation Committee.

2024 Selection Committee


Theme that commonly applies to promising research fields is set for the Program.

Fiscal 2025: “Deepening and Expanding Mathematics”

Fiscal 2024: “Creating Innovative Medical Therapies Through the Convergence of Multidiverse Disciplines”

Fiscal 2023: “Transcending the Future with Informatics”

Fiscal 2022: “Exploration of Forefronts in “Materials” Research

Fiscal 2021: “Life Science: Flexibility and Robustness of Living Systems”

Fiscal 2020: “Quantum”


Number of recipients and period in 2025, two recipients will be endowed. The applicable period is 10 years from April, 2025.


To succeed in becoming a grant recipient, an applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

  • To succeed in becoming a grant recipient, an applicant must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Be an independent researcher holding a position of associate professor or higher if affiliated with a university
  • Be aged 50 years old or younger at the beginning of the fiscal year in which receipt of a grant will commence (as of April 1, 2025)
  • The InaRIS Fellowship period shall not be overlapped with that of the Inamori Research Grants.
  • * This Program is offered to designated institutions only. Prospective applicants should contact their affiliations to enquire if their respective universities/research institutions have been designated as such.
  • * The InaRIS Fellowship applicant shall be in the assigned position (including fixed-term position) within April 2024–March 2026 at the university or the organization.


Candidates will undergo firstly a document review and then an interview examination by the Selection Committee, and finally the Board of Directors will decide on the Fellows.

How to apply

Please read the application guidelines and file an application on the special website during the application period stated below.

Application form sample (PDF)

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InaRIS Fellow