Postponement of the Kyoto Prize Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

In consideration of the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus infection, the Inamori Foundation (President: Shinobu Inamori-Kanazawa) has decided to delay the annual celebration of the Kyoto Prize one entire year. The new laureates will be officially decided and announced in June 2021 instead of June 2020, and related events including the Prize Presentation Ceremony will take place in November 2021. Annual celebrations originally scheduled for 2021 and onward will also be delayed a year respectively.

President Shinobu Inamori-Kanazawa made a comments as follows:
“Our decision of twelve months’ postponement was made in response to the declaration of a state of emergency by the Japanese government. It had become extremely difficult to continue with our standard process of laureates’ selection, and we could no longer be optimistic about hosting the laureates and distinguished guests without causing concern. We are sorry, thinking of those who were waiting to find out the names of this year’s laureates and those who look forward to the festivities including Presentation Ceremony and Commemorative Lectures each year. We sincerely hope they understand and stay connected with us.”

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