2023 Inamori Ethics Prize Events Held in Cleveland in September

2023 Inamori Ethics Prize Events

On September 21 (local time), the 2023 Inamori Ethics Prize Ceremony and Lecture were held at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio, USA).

The Inamori Ethics Prize is an international award presented by the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University. The Prize has been awarded since 2008 to honor outstanding international ethical leaders whose actions and influence have greatly improved the condition of humankind. A journalist and free-press and human-rights advocate, Myroslava Gongadze was selected for the 2023 Inamori Ethics Prize .

The Prize Ceremony began with a performance of traditional Ukrainian musical instruments. After the opening address by Dr. Joy Ward, the Interim Provost and Executive Vice President of Case Western Reserve University, Ms. Gongadze’s achievements were introduced by Dr. Shannon French, the Director of the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence. This was followed by an introduction video of Ms. Gongadze.

Dr. Ward presented the medal to Ms. Gongadze, and then Ms. Gongadze gave a lecture on “Courage, Service, and the Pursuit of Truth”.

“By protecting and supporting reporters, we as a society are protecting our freedom,” she appealed. “By defending democracies under attack like Ukraine, we are defending democracy. The future of democracy is in our hands, in your hands, as future leaders and decision makers. To make this world more just you have to make your decisions based on facts, knowledge and the inclusion of different opinions and always search for the truth.”

2023 Inamori Ethics Prize Events

The next day, on the 22nd, the Academic Symposium was held at the University. It featured Ms. Gongadze, along with panelists, Mr. Dan Moulthrop, CEO of The City Club of Cleveland and Dr. Raymond Ku, John Homer Kapp Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve, moderated by Dr. French. The theme of the symposium was “Are Free Speech, a Free Press, and Civic Discourse Essential to Human Flourishing?”

Following the panel discussion, questions were accepted from the audience. They asked the panelists questions such as “What can we as citizens do to protect press freedoms and civil liberties?” and ” How can we introduce media literacy in education?”

2023 Inamori Ethics Prize Events

The videos of the 2023 Inamori Ethics Prize Events are available from the links below.

Inamori Ethics Prize Ceremony

Academic Symposium

Photo by Kamron Kahn


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