The 2024 Inamori Research Grants 50 Recipients Selected!

The 2024 Inamori Grants 50 Recipients Selected

The Inamori Foundation announced the 50 recipients of the 2024 Inamori Research Grants on March 8, 2024. Out of 408 applicants (natural sciences: 335; humanities and social sciences: 73), 40 from the field of natural sciences and 10 from the field of humanities and social sciences were selected through the rigorous selection. Each single recipient will be granted one million yen. Restrictions on the use of the grant are minimal, so that researchers may conduct their research as freely as possible.

The Inamori Research Grants Program was inaugurated in 1985 with the aim of supporting scholars to carry out their research activities freely and without restrictions in pursuing diversity and originality. Recipients are chosen from a wide range of research areas, across the fields of natural, human, and social sciences. The total number of recipients and amounts turned into 1,879 and 1.87 billion yen including the 50 recipients for 2024.

The presentation ceremony will be held on April 13 in Kyoto. Following the ceremony, the 3S Meeting including poster presentations by approximately 30 members is planned.

The 2025 Inamori Research Grants application will open on July 1, 2024.

3S*… the abbreviation for “Seiwa Scholars Society,” which consists of the past and current Inamori Research Grant recipients


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