About Inamori Research Grants

It is our belief that diversity and originality play key roles in nurturing genuine learning. The Inamori Research Grants Program supports researchers who come from diverse backgrounds and are working on proprietary research by granting 1 million yen to each researcher, thus providing opportunities to verify the feasibility of numerous ideas.


The annual Inamori Grant Program was launched in 1985 to support research works by young scholars in Japan with the aim of fostering human resources capable of contributing to the future of human society.
Recipients are chosen from a wide range of research areas, across the fields of the natural, human, and social sciences. Grants are selected by a screening committee comprising leading authorities in the relevant fields of research.
These elite scholars, chosen from among many applicants through a rigorous selection process, are expected to play leading roles in their respective fields.


  1. Research Field
    • Natural Sciences
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Qualification
    • The age of 40 years or less as of April 1st, 2022 for the Natural Sciences, and 50 years or less for the Human, Social and Social Sciences
    • Applicants must be researchers who reside in Japan, be affiliated with a university or an institution to which application information have been sent. They must also meet other requirements set by the Inamori Foundation.


  1. Amount Granted
    1 million yen each to 50 recipients per year
  2. Use of Grants
    No restrictions, as long as use thereof is genuinely necessary for research purposes
  3. Length of grant period
    For one to two years
  4. Application Period
    From Early July to Late August


Candidates will undergo a strict screening and selection process by the Research Grants Selection Committee based on the submitted Inamori Research Grants applications, and the Board of Directors will decide on the recipients.

Selection Committee


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Seiwa Scholars Society

The Seiwa Scholars Society (3S in short) was established in 1997 with the aim of encouraging the recipients of the Inamori Grants in their pursuits by providing them with opportunities to get to know, befriend, and inspire one another. This program was also prompted by the increasing importance of a horizontal and interdisciplinary perspective in today’s academic world, whose landscape has become fragmented through specialization. Members of 3S communicate with each other across the diverse areas of study they represent - spanning the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences - through a range of activities that include presentations, lectures, parties, and newsletters.

  • General Assembly

    In accordance with the Society’s founding purpose, General Assembly is held in April each year. Lecture meetings and social dinners are held to promote friendship among members.

  • Seiwa Scholars Society Newsletter

    This annual publication (Japanese only) is packed with a wide variety of information, opinions, and suggestions, aimed at facilitating members’ research activities through exchange and friendship among researchers in different fields.

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