Masanori Fukui

Associate Professor, Center for University Education, Tokushima University *Profile is at the time of the award.

2022Inamori Research GrantsHumanities & Sociology

Research topics
A Study of a Method of Enhancing Creativity in School Education: An Empirical Study Focusing on Problem Modification and Understanding the Structure of Problems


Thank you very much for selecting this research project for funding. In the future, it will be important to "foster creativity in school education" in our society. In this study, we would like to conduct empirical research to realize this goal and present a model for fostering creativity that can be embedded in school education.

Outline of Research Achievments

This study aims to develop a methodology for fostering creativity in school education. As a model that can be embedded in school settings, we have developed the ‘modified problem-posing’, based on ‘problem-posing’ in which students create their problems. The modified problem-posing is a variant of problem-posing in which students transform and improve a given problem with a rationale and is expected to promote an understanding of the structure of the target problem. It is also expected to enhance the creativity (small-c) of students to create new problems for themselves with evidence. An experiment examined the relationship between problem transformation and an external measure. The creativity test and creativity scores were significantly higher for subjects who discovered hidden parameters and combined and transformed the parameters than those who did not. This provided primary findings for fostering creativity in creating problems that are new to oneself. Currently, a prototype of a problem-transforming question-forming learning support system based on the above findings is being developed and studied.

  1. Fukui M and Sasaki Y (2022). Understanding the problem structure using modified problem-posing in mathematics classrooms, Electric Proceedings of The 27th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM 2022).

  2. Fukui M and Sasaki Y (2022). Proposal of a small-c creativity cultivation method with modified problem-posing for use in computer studies education, Proceedings of 11th DATTArc-ICTE-TENZ-ITEEA 2022.[in press]

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