Xiaojie Tian

Assistant Professor,Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba*Profile is at the time of the award.

2020Inamori Research GrantsHumanities & Sociology

Research topics
Re-Thinking the Roles of Education in Socialization: An Ethnographic Investigation of the Collaborative Pastoral Practice between Children and Adults in Pastoralist Maasai Society
This research project recaptures children’s socialization, which usually focuses on children’s learning, through ethnographic explorations of teaching from children in pastoralist Maasai society in East Africa. For doing so, video data and ethnographic data of daily interactions among children and adults especially during livestock-related activities will be collected and analyzed. It questions current existing socialization theories which always put children only as learner, with littler consideration of their roles in teaching.


It is my great honor to receive this 2020 Inamori Foundation Research Grants. Taking this grateful opportunity, I hope my research could contribute to a better understanding of children’s life in contemporary pastoralist societies in Africa, and children’s socialization in general using ethnographic research approach.

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Humanities & Sociology