Ryohei Kakuchi

Assistant Professor,Division of Molecular Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Gunma University*Profile is at the time of the award.

2020Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Library screening of conjugated polymers featuring ultra high sensitive and selective metal cation sensing abilities
A multi-component reaction is a reaction in which three or more compounds react at once to give a single product. In this study, I aim to synthesize a library of conjugated polymers by utilizing multi-component reactions.


Although multi-component reactions are old and new, it is only recently that they have been actively utilized in polymer science. I hope that this grant will lead to the achievement of new polymer synthesis.

Outline of Research Achievments

As the name implies, multicomponent reactions (MCRs) are a group of reactions in which three or more reactive substrates react simultaneously to give a single product. A range of organic reactions have been deployed in polymer synthesis, but the use of MCRs into macromolecular chemistry has been limited most probably due to their complexity. In this study, we focused on the van Leusen three-component coupling reaction (vL-3CR) between aldehydes, amines, and α-sulfonyl isocyanides among many MCRs and deployed the vL-3CR in the polymer synthesis featuring imidazoles units. Specifically, we have elucidated that vL-3CR is fully applicable to polymer analogous reactions and polycondensation reactions. We prospect to develop applications such as metal adsorption by further optimization of reaction substrates and selection of appropriate solvents in the near future.

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