Yuya Tanaka

Assistant Professor, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology *Profile is at the time of the award.

2022Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Development of organometallic molecular switches based on stabilization of radical by delocalization
Molecular switches are indispensable materials for molecular electronics, in which electronic circuits are constructed with molecules. In particular, molecular switches that respond to redox stimuli have attracted attention because they are easy to implement in devices. On the other hand, previously reported redox-responsive molecular switches have a low ON/OFF ratio, and are unstable due to the high reactivity of radical species generated by redox processes. In this study, I try to develop single-molecule organometallic switches with high conductance, reversibility, and high ON/OFF ratio.


We would like to thank everyone associated with the Inamori Foundation for their support. Molecular electronics is a truly interdisciplinary research field that includes materials chemistry, interface chemistry, and physical chemistry. Through this research support, we hope to further develop our research in various fields.

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