Taishi Yokoi

Associate Professor, Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University *Profile is at the time of the award.

2023Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Development of non-peeling apatite coatings
Apatite is the main inorganic component of bones and teeth, and shows excellent compatibility not only with hard tissues but also with soft tissues. For this reason, apatite coating has been applied to medical devices such as artificial hip joint to provide biocompatibility, and is being vigorously researched, developed, and put into practical use. However, coatings are always subject to delamination problems, and apatite coatings also face this problem. In order to prevent delamination, it is effective to make the coating thinner. In this study, we aim to develop an apatite coating that is thin enough not to peel off.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the Inamori Research Grant. I will make every effort to establish a method for the fabrication of apatite ultra-thin films, which no one in the world has succeeded in fabricating before.

Outline of Research Achievments

In this study, we fabricated nanosheets from octacalcium phosphate (OCP) related compounds and attempted to coat them onto a substrate. As a result, it was found that delamination of OCP related compounds is difficult. On the other hand, we discovered that these compounds have flexibility, and succeeded in coating curved surfaces by them with a thickness of about 100 nm. The results of this research are expected to be a technology for forming ultra-thin biocompatible coatings.

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