Ryo Takahashi

Assistant Professor, Natural Science Division, Faculty of Core Research, Ochanomizu University*Profile is at the time of the award.

2024Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
External control of spin hydrodynamic generation via vorticity dynamics
In the field of spintronics, which takes advantage of spin transport, the generation and manipulation of spin currents by means of mechanical phenomena such as acoustic vibration are being studied. In this topic of study, spin hydrodynamic generation is a method used to generate spin currents in minute flow of liquid metal. The origin is the angular-momentum interconversion between electron spin and local mechanical rotation of a fluid, vorticity. The key to the generation is vorticity fluctuation, however, still lack of controllability. In this study, therefore, I change my perspective focusing on vorticity dynamics. I aim to make the spin hydrodynamic generation manipulatable by fabricating microfluidic devices in which the vorticity dynamics can be externally controlled by means of the acoustic vibration.


In this study, the subject of which is interdisciplinary between fields of microfluidics and spintronics, I will take on the challenge of having an acoustic-vibration method, used in microfluidics for pumping, mixing and so on, incorporated into spintronics as a method to manipulate vorticity dynamics. I would like to do my very best to achieve my research objective hoping to give the fruits of it back to society.

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