Chifumi Nishioka Chifumi Nishioka

Assistant Professor,Kyoto University Library, Kyoto University*Profile is at the time of the award.

2020Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Development of an analysis methodology for learning logs towards evidence-based recommender systems of library contents
In recent years, teaching and learning using digital educational materials delivery systems have been spreading, and actions taken on the system, such as pages viewed and time spent, are being stored as learning logs and used to improve learning and education. This study recommends library materials, such as books and academic papers, through an e-book system, and analyzes learning logs and records of the use of recommended library materials. The analysis aims to reveal "what kind of library materials affect the learning behaviors and outcomes of college students and how they affect them.


I would like to thank you for your support of my research. This will be an interdisciplinary study, so I would like to collaborate with various researchers. I am committed to making a broad contribution to society.

Outline of Research Achievments

In this project, we worked for a library resource recommender system, that suggests library resources (e.g., books, research articles) related to a learning material on BookRoll, an e-book system. BookRoll is a web application that displays digital learning materials (e.g., textbooks, lecture slides) on students’ devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

In a university, the recommender system delivered scholarly articles related to a learning material. We found that students accessed many scholarly articles that seemed irrelevant to the learning material and confirmed that the importance of serendipity in recommendations of library resources.

In a junior high school, the recommender system suggested digitized English picture books for extensive learning. We provided an online forum where students can share and discuss their impressions of these. We observed that the forum may stimulate students and encourage them to continue doing extensive reading. We also observed moderate correlations between the reading amounts and exam scores.

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