Takahiko Masuda

Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Okayama UniversitySenior Assistant Professor*Profile is at the time of the award.

2019Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Observation of the ultra-violet photon emission from nuclei using the nuclear resonant scattering method
Optical transitions in the infrared-ultraviolet region are generally able to be controlled by coherent laser light. This realizes better energy resolution and advanced quantum coherent control than other energy regions. The quantum control is utilized to atomic or molecular phenomena today and is not utilized to nuclei so far.
"Thorium-229" is known as a unique candidate that can be quantum-controlled by coherent laser. The first excited state of the Thorium-229 nucleus has the lowest excite energy among all known nuclides, and the energy value may be around the ultraviolet region. My research aims to observe the ultraviolet photon emission from the first excited state of Thorium-229 nuclei and measure its energy accurately enough to utilize the laser technique. This is the first step towards the quantum coherent control on nuclei.

Message from recipient

We have proceeded five years with the preparations of this research subject entitled "Observation of the ultra-violet photon emission from nuclei using nuclear resonant scattering method". I would like to make a success of the research based on this research grant. I sincerely appreciate the adjudicators and the Inamori foundation for recognizing the significance of this research subject.

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