Takashi Kurumaji

Research Associate, Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo*Profile is at the time of the award.

2023Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Single crystal synthesis and understanding of physical properties of novel magnetic topological semimetals with strong coupling between magnetism and conduction electrons
An approach to understanding the materials from the viewpoint of topology, a branch of mathematics, has attracted attention. Recently, a number of topologically non-trivial materials, such as magnetic skyrmions and Weyl semimetals, have been discovered, and their large magnetoresistance and dissipationless current states provide a promising route to develop materials for future devices. In this research project, we aim to synthesize new topological materials focusing on rare-earth intermetallics. Our goal is to develop a group of materials that cannot be synthesized by the conventional low-melting-point flux method, and to discover unknown quantum phenomena and electronic phases that cannot be understood as an extensions of previous studies.


Developing new materials is a useful approach to finding unknown quantum phenomena, but it also requires patience with many failures and persistent trial and error. I am grateful to have been selected for the research grant in spite of the challenging topic. I will devote myself to synthesizing single crystals that no one has ever made before.

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