Rei Itsukushima

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology*Profile is at the time of the award.

2024Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Development of a method for detecting blind active faults by focusing on knickpoints in mountainous streams
Landforms such as waterfalls, which are abrupt changes in the longitudinal gradient of a river, are called knickpoints, and their distribution and formation reflect geoscientific phenomena on a long spatio-temporal scale. The applicant was inspired after discovering that the distribution of knickpoints is closely related to seismic activity and that blind active faults may exist in places where no faults have been recognized, despite the dense presence of knickpoints and epicenters. By establishing a new exploration method for blind active faults through the integration of earth science and engineering, I hope to contribute to the mitigation of damage from active fault-type earthquakes and to the construction of a safe and secure society.


I am very honored to have the Inamori Foundation grant to develop my research. I will devote myself to pursue the fundamental question, "How is the river morphology formed? and devote myself to contribute to the realization of a society that coexists in harmony with nature.

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