Hironobu Hayashi

Senior Researcher, Center for Basic Research on Materials, National Institute for Materials Science*Profile is at the time of the award.

2024Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Synthesis of water-soluble organic porous nanosheets and their functions
Two dimensional organic porous nanosheets with periodic porous have much attentions because they can be applied for gas adsorption/separation, catalyst support, electrode materials, and filtration membranes. For bottom-up synthesis of such organic porous nanosheets, the utilization of dynamic covalent bonds is effective. However, due to the reversibility of the bonds, the formed porous materials are often decomposed by moisture in air. In this study, we will develop a synthetic method to obtain stable and water-soluble organic porous nanosheets by using covalent bonds that do not undergo hydrolysis.


In this study, I aim to synthesize water-soluble nanosheets by extending the 2D nanosheet synthetic strategy that I have been developed. Water-soluble organic nanosheets can not be prepared by using dynamic covalent bonds. In addition, I am also investigating the self-assembly of nanosheets by introducing carboxylic acids in the nanosheets. I hope to find the seeds of my own research during this research period.

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