Takashi Masuda

Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyLecturer*Profile is at the time of the award.

2019Inamori Research GrantsScience & Engineering

Research topics
Development of new printed silicon-based electronic devices
Our research team has created “liquid Si,” a new substance that turns into a semiconductor Si at ordinary temperatures and pressures through liquidification and dehydrogenation. We will further advance this research project to attempt to create an as-yet-undiscovered “P-type and N-type liquid Si” material that is chemically doped with boron or phosphorus. We will also aim to develop technology for direct patterning of P-type and N-Type Si, which is indispensable for the semiconductor fabrication process, by achieving ink-jet printing of the material. This proposed research marks the first attempt to apply means for “manufacturing by liquid method” to “Si engineering.” This represents a bid to establish element technology that we hope will lead the current Si semiconductor industry to the world of “thin, light, and flexible” devices -- the stage of competition for next-generation electronic devices. The significance of this attempt lies in the fact that it is a foray into establishing a new academic field of “liquid Si science” in the century-long history of the semiconductor Si industry.

Message from recipient

I am determined to forge ahead with my research to match the achievements of previous recipients of the Inamori Research Grants. With this grant, I will accelerate my efforts to commercialize liquid Si and work with many other researchers, which I look forward to very much.

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