Kenta Maruyama

Professor, School of Medicine, Aichi Medical University*Profile is at the time of the award.

2024Inamori Research GrantsBiology & Life sciences

Research topics
Study of colon cancer prevention
The relationship between colorectal cancer and the intestinal environment is surprisingly poorly understood. In this study, we aim to pioneer a new biology of colorectal cancer by testing the working hypothesis that there are unknown humoral factors in the intestine that regulate the progression of colorectal cancer, and by developing technologies to successfully utilize such mechanisms.


I have never thought for a moment that the era will come when the explosion of informatics and computing will make it possible for people to stop being surprised by anything. True science should always be simple, idyllic, and unparalleled, yet many scientists, myself included, have embraced trendy fields for our own research, insisting on the importance of interdisciplinarity, while producing data using the latest methods and producing papers that are nowhere near the level of Renaissance science. I want to be the first to plant my flag in the middle of absolutely nothing, without being restricted to a field or method.

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Biology & Life sciences