Tomohisa Hosokawa

Lecturer, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University*Profile is at the time of the award.

2023Inamori Research GrantsBiology & Life sciences

Research topics
Suppression of Parkinson’s disease via liquid-liquid phase separation
Protein called α-synuclein form cytotoxic aggregates in the neurons of Parkinson's disease patients. Thus, suppressing or destroying this aggregation is important to inhibit the progression of the disease. Recently, it has been revealed that α-Synuclein forms "condensates," which are reversible liquid-phase structures in cells through a physical phenomenon called liquid-liquid phase separation, and undergoes a phase transition to aggregates. Therefore, in this study, we will identify the factors that achieve discrete condensates, inhibit phase transitions, and inhibit the propagation of phase transitions, with the aim of discovering strategies to inhibit the progression of Parkinson's disease.


I am fascinated by the mystery of the phenomenon of phase separation, in which proteins assemble autonomously and acquire ordered structure and function, and I am constantly amazed by this phenomenon in my research.

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Biology & Life sciences