Kyogo Kobayashi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University*Profile is at the time of the award.

2024Inamori Research GrantsBiology & Life sciences

Research topics
Elucidation of the Cellular Basis Underlying Environment-Related Memory Discrimination
Acquiring and maintaining accurate memories about places, such as 'Where am I right now?' or 'Where did I go yesterday?' is essential for leading a rich daily life. When abnormalities occur in the identification of place-related memories, it can lead to getting lost in familiar places, known as 'disorientation,' or confusing events that occurred in different places, known as 'false memories.' Recently, we recorded neural activity related to environmental cognition in the hippocampus, a region of the brain, and discovered a novel group of cells called 'environment cells' (Kobayashi and Matsuo, Cell Reports 2023). However, previous studies have suggested that place cells and memory trace cells in the hippocampus also play important roles in the formation of place-related memories. Specifically, the detailed cellular mechanisms by which 'which cells' are 'how active' establish normal memories and how 'abnormalities' lead to breakdowns in place recognition remain largely unknown. Therefore, in this study, I will conduct comprehensive neural activity measurements of hippocampal cells and endeavor to elucidate the cellular basis involved in the identification of place-related memories.


This study aims to elucidate the cellular mechanisms involved in the formation of place-related memories through neural activity measurements of hippocampal cells. By revealing the detailed roles of hippocampal cells that have not been clarified in previous research, we will uncover the mechanisms that lead to the establishment of normal memories.

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Biology & Life sciences