Hidehisa Kawashima

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of TsukubaAssistant Professor*Profile is at the time of the award.

2019Inamori Research GrantsBiology & Life sciences

Research topics
Research and development of high-performance bioplastics utilizing the algal-biomass with a unique molecular structure
  In order to realize a sustainable society, we are researching on the enhancement of renewable resources. Among them, we focus on the algal biomass having highly productivety. 
Algal biomass has a unique molecular structure that combines flexibility and strength. This is expected to be applied to bioplastics.
  In this research, we will develop the method to convert the algal biomass into high-performance bioplastics by applying appropriate chemical modifications.

Message from recipient

I feel a sense of both delight and responsibility at joining the many prominent researchers who have received the Inamori Research Grants to date. I hope to make great progress in my research and produce outcomes that are worthy of this honor.

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Biology & Life sciences