Takashi Iwasaki

Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori UniversityAssociate Professor*Profile is at the time of the award.

2018Inamori Research GrantsBiology & Life sciences

Research topics
Development of agrobacterium-independent genome editing technology for plants
Genome editing is a technology for modifying targeted locations in the genome, and it is becoming indispensable in a wide range of research fields. Genome editing of plants, however, has a limitation: because it is dependent on Agrobacterium-mediated gene recombination technology, it is limited to certain plant species that can be infected by Agrobacterium. In a bid to develop plant genome editing technology that does not rely on Agrobacterium-mediated gene recombination, our research team developed a novel cell-penetrating peptide for plant cells. We also established a method to transport essential components for genome editing into plant cells by using the novel cell-penetrating peptide. We are currently developing versatile genome editing technology for various plant species using this method.

Message from recipient

I am highly honored and grateful for my selection as a proud recipient of the Inamori Research Grants, which has given me a great deal of confidence. I am hoping to produce meaningful results with this research grant and will continue to devote myself to my research.

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Biology & Life sciences