Nami Minato

Assistant Professor, Institute of Science and Technology, Niigata University *Profile is at the time of the award.

2021Inamori Research GrantsBiology & Life sciences

Research topics
Comprehensive insights into defense response to insect-borne transboundary viral disease
Plant diseases vectored by insects are known to be particularly difficult to control among the plant diseases that have been inflicting serious damage on agricultural production since ancient times. In recent years, serious damage to crops in developing countries has been reported. In particular, no effective countermeasures have been established for virus diseases, and the establishment of new control methods for plant virus diseases vectored by insects is an urgent agricultural issue. Insect-borne pathogens are known to spread themselves by manipulating the host selectivity of insect vectors, because only insect vectors in the three-way interrelationship between plants, pathogens, and insect vectors have the ability to actively move and spread . In this study, we will analyze the molecular mechanisms of plant disease response and insect attractiveness of plants under the assumption that plants are co-infected with multiple insect-borne viruses.


Thank you very much for selecting me for the Inamori Research Grant. I am very happy to receive your support for my research on plant viruses that cause tremendous damage to crop production around the world. I will continue my efforts to conduct research that will contribute to solving food problems.

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Biology & Life sciences